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The Solution Designed to Successfully Stop Hair Loss By Someone That Knows Exactly What Losing Hair Is All About.

"A happy customer's testimonial"
Being a woman it is very embarrassing dealing with hair loss. There were several nights I would cry myself to sleep, but since trying your product I am absolutely speechless.

Not only has my hair loss totally stopped, my natural hair has grown back and my white hairs are also getting blacker! Your product is the best thing that has happened to me. I cant even thank you guys enough. If there's every anything I can do for you, please let me know, I would love to help you guys promote your products! :):):):):):):)
Works on 9 out of 10 people
Natural, Holistic Treatment
Works on Men & Women of all Ages, Race and Ethnicity
Easy and convenient application
“Hi this is Jai Bains. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could stop my hair loss and re-grow hair. Now you can do it too. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. This treatment will work for you.”

"I am Amazed

Day 1 Picture

4th Month Picture
“I am simply amazed; my hair is all back! In just the first week it stopped my hair fall. I've been using it for only four months now and now I can see my hair is all back! I am very happy with the results of your treatment product.”

- Dan K

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"I am Amazed
A re-order dated 2/03/08 (Unaltered)

Day 1 Picture

8th Month Picture
“After doing tons of research on the web, I bought your product when I first visited your website. I've been using it since around September last year and I am thrilled by my results!! I am so glad I found your company website I can't express enough gratitude for you and your company. My wife and I are both indebted to you and your product for life!”

P.S. attached are my pictures

Dal T.***

Guaranteed 100% Safe and Secured
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Through all this hunting I learnt that this
treatment had spectacular results

The more I read about the company, the product line and the studies, the more I started believing that this product might be the one that can work. Their treatment was listed in several news papers ranging from the India Tribune, Times of India, Delhi Times and several other National news papers and magazines from cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and New Delhi.

At the time they had 200,000 customers and were growing so fast that their entire product range was sold out for 2-3 months. You could only buy the product if you wanted to pay a crazy 10-15 times the price!

I was still skeptical (yet hopeful) but I was definitely going to give this a shot. Surely enough, I managed to pay the asking price and got hold of this treatment!

My First Time Using the Treatment
I remembered the first day I got the package and opened the box. It looked like a regular bottle - nothing special. I was not excited at all and honestly, I did not have much expectation. I thought like all the other products that I have tried, this too will fail.

I explicitly remember the first application of the treatment. I was in the shower rinsing my hair and I opened my eyes expecting to find some 8-10 broken hair shafts in my fingers (that was normal rate of my hair loss).

There was only one. I repeatedly started running my fingers through my hair to see if it was for real.

I was totally blown away. It was true. I had
stopped losing hair!

I was amazed, no matter how many times I ran my fingers through my hair, there was no more breakage. I couldn't believe that just after one application of the treatment my hair loss had reduced by almost 90%.

I remember getting this tingling feeling rushing down my spine. I started feeling that something was different. Could it be, was the product actually working?

Over the next few days I precisely followed the instructions of the treatment. After my third application and approximately one week, I successfully had NO hair falling out in the shower or when my hair was dry.

Revolution Hair

  • Works on over 90% on all hair loss patterns

  • Natural Holistic Treatment with Zero Side Effects

  • Permanent Results within 1 year

  • $ Affordable Price$

Rogaine (Minoxidil)

  • Works on 60-80 % on limited areas of the scalp

  • Harsh Chemical

  • Ingredients that cause rapid heart beat & strong migraines

  • Must use for the rest of your life

  • $ 49.99 / Month

Propecia (Finasteride)

  • Works on 60-80 % of men only & limited areas of the scalp

  • Harsh Chemical

  • Ingredients that may cause male impotency and breast development

  • Must use for the rest of your life

  • Over $ 63.00 / Month

Since then, I was dedicated towards the treatment product for about 1 year.

I went from being almost bald to having a head full of hair in less than a year!

Now, my hair line does not look as it did when I was 16, but again, no one out there can say I was a victim of hair loss.

There is a dramatic change in my appearance.

My hair is richer, fuller and thicker and I look great!

My confidence is restored and I feel that my life has greatly improved due to this. I'm always looking forward to family gatherings and going out with my friends to have a great time. I'm always looking for things to do and have fun!

I believe that getting my hair back has kick started my life. It's turned out to be just the first step to a new, happier, healthier me!

I finally feel confident approaching new people without having to worry about my looks. Everything about me has changed. I feel good, I look good and believe it or not, I'm proactively working hard to keep it that way!



Your Permanent Solution to Hair Loss

This Hair Re-Growth treatment is a holistic approach in treating your hair loss! RH is an anti chemical, anti pill, anti side effect, humane treatment that is PROVEN to stop hair loss and promote new, natural hair growth in as little as 14 days!!

This Intense Formulation consists of the following:

1 Hair Re-growth Treatment Cleanser
Ayurvedic Herbal Shampoo. Powerful
2Hair Re-growth Treatment Conditioner
Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner. Powerful

Hair Re-growth Treatment Serum
Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Based Serum. Moisturizes and
nourishes your scalp for re-growth


Other Hair Loss Products VS Revolution Hair

E-Book: Discover the Secrets to Re-Growth by Author and Founder, Dr. Shyam Arya.

“Discover the Secrets” is an integral part of this package; as you know, there are many leading factors which result in hair loss: Stress, Improper Diet, Fatigue, Usage of harsh chemicals on your hair and scalp, the list goes on and on.

Discover the Secrets digs deep inside of these issues explaining how they effect your everyday life as a human being and as a victim of hair loss. This book is rich with ancient Ayurvedic concepts of treatment that cover long forgotten therapies such as: Breathing therapy for stress reduction, Aroma therapy for stress reduction and enlightenment, nutritional therapy for improper dieters, Sleeping Therapy for those who are fatigued and have trouble sleeping at night.

“Discover the secrets” is a vital part of our treatment and it is extremely valuable to those who want to look deeper within themselves and practice a healthier, happier, lifestyle.

Questions You Need to Honestly ask Yourself:

  • Am I here today because I'm searching for a solution?
  • Am I willing to suspend my disbelief and try something new?
  • Am I willing to give 5 minutes, three times a week for the next 14 days to apply a treatment, if it means stopping my hair loss and starting a recovery to a full head of hair?
  • Am I worried that I will eventually go bald if I don't take any action towards stopping my hair loss now?

You and I both know what you've answered yes
to most of these questions:

I know, because I answered yes to all of them before I found this amazing treatment.

If you answered yes to even one of these questions then you are indebted to yourself to give this a fair shot. You won't be let down, I'm confident enough in my product to guarantee your results in a way that no one could even imagine.

I know that by now you're passionate about trying this treatment. It's only when you try it, that you'll be able to relate to my belief, that this is the end of your search!


**Treatment Worthy of the Nobel Prize!!**

Let Me Share with You
The Best Kept Secret of My Success

To attain the best results, I was consistent in using the treatment. I was committed and followed the directions of the application because I was dedicated in seeing results and i did not skip any applications. If you can't do this, then forget about getting incredible results.

Do it right or don't do it at all!

To be successful in anything, you must commit yourself and follow through. It's that simple. Once I got the treatment, I started using it as per directed and without delay. Do not Procrastinate!

This treatment is very convenient and easy to use, it barely takes 5 minutes and I'm done!


Here's how the product is applied:

The administered part of the treatment is a two step process which consists of an herbal serum for women or foam for men and herbal hair re-growth treatment shampoo & conditioner.

I applied the serum 2 - 3 nights for the first week directly to my scalp using a dropper (which is included in the treatment). After the first week, the serum/foam can be applied once or twice weekly.
I aim for the effected areas first and then I dampen the rest of my hair and scalp with the treatment serum/foam. I gently massage the serum/foam into my scalp for a couple of minutes and I leave the serum/foam on overnight (or at least 30 minutes if I apply it during the day) to let it penetrate deep in my scalp.

When I wake up in the morning, I rinse out the serum/foam with my hair re-growth treatment shampoo and conditioner and that's it, I'm done! It's that easy.

I've completely discontinued the use of other over the counter everyday shampoo and conditioners; I've replaced them with the RH Natural Hair Re-Growth treatment Shampoo and Conditioner.

So now, this way, every time I wash my hair I know I'm treating my hair and scalp. Every time I shampoo my hair with the treatment Shampoo and conditioner it leaves the hair loss fighting herbs on my scalp to continuously do their job and battle DHT. This is all you need to do.

After the first week you will put the treatment on just once or twice every week. You will still however continue to use the Shampoo and conditioner whenever you wash your hair.

...yes, really.
Send in your before and after photos with a written testimonial, briefly sharing your success story with Revolution Hair Care System and we will cut you a check
of one grand in cool American coin. No grey smoke, no
hoops, no strings attached.
Everyone who orders a minimum 3 month supply of Revolution Hair Care system is eligible to enter the contest (you will be billed only monthly). Send in your entries before the 90th day of receiving your first order. The most successful contestant wins a whopping $1,000 and two runners up win $250. You can also win $50 if your testimonial is truly inspirational and gets featured on our site, even though you didn't win the contest. The contestants are requested to use the product regularly as directed for 90 days — you need to be serious to win. The purpose of the contest is to inspire and give hope to others who are still fighting the hair loss battle. All the testimonials and pictures become the property of Revolution Hair. In case you do not want your picture to be published on our site, please inform us. This will no way hamper your chances of winning. All customers who are featured on our site must sign a release form confirming the testimonial is real and we may use their information.

$1,000 and awesome hair. You in?
*The 'before' pictures could be any photo but the 'after' pictures must clearly show the improvement in your hair.
Results of Using the Treatment

During my first week, I was counting 2-3 hair shafts in the shower compared to 15-20 (maybe even more) in the past week.

By the middle of the third week I was surprised. There was NO hair falling! I was shocked, surprised and ecstatic!

I remember that morning after my first application in the shower; I constantly ran my fingers through my hair in the shower expecting to see at least 1 hair but NO... There were none, zero, zilch!

This new discovery of mine had taken a while to settle in with me. I took my sweet time to absorb everything that had transpired over the past several weeks; slowly but surely I did and when I did, I couldn't wait to get back home and spread the word to everyone!

I soon started getting calls from friends, friends of friends and strangers telling me that they had found out that I had a “secret hair re-growth treatment” and they too wanted to get in on it. I started getting calls from people from all different walks of life. It was after this that I flew down to India and got exclusive rights to re-sell the treatment in USA. I managed to strike extremely reasonable prices with the manufacturer in India.

When I first started out, I personally didn't have a lot of money and didn't want to make this product unaffordable like all other hair loss companies (I had been there and done that). I fought hard with the manufacturer to get the price as low as possible and kept it that way.

Can you see a new "you" now? You
can truly only achieve what you truly
believe in your own mind....

  • Imagine looking at yourself in the dressing room mirror and not recognizing the person looking back!

  • Picture yourself at a party, confident, secure
    and outgoing.

  • Know you're improving your scalp while working
    on a sexy new you at the same time.

This Hair Re-Growth treatment is a holistic approach in treating your hair loss! RH is an anti chemical, anti pill, anti side effect, humane treatment that is PROVEN to stop hair loss and promote new, natural hair growth in as little as 14 days!!

This Intense Formulation consists of the following:

1 Hair Re-growth Treatment Cleanser
Ayurvedic Herbal Shampoo. Powerful
2Hair Re-growth Treatment Conditioner
Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner. Powerful

Hair Re-growth Treatment Serum
Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Based Serum. Moisturizes and
nourishes your scalp for re-growth



From my extensive knowledge on the matter, I have learnt that there is no western medicine known to completely reverse hair loss. Frankly speaking, as Americans, we are rarely exposed to any other means of treatment.

Before now, Surgery was probably the only solution for reversing hair loss in America.

"Ayurveda" has a proven holistic approach to reversing hair loss.

Ayurveda is an ancient methodology of treatment which originated in India many centuries ago. Ayurveda is the science and knowledge of life. It is composed of two words, Ayur-(life) and Veda-(knowledge of life).

Ayurveda is treatment of the human body as a whole, it is aimed at not only curing diseases but also at preventing them. In the late fourteenth century, Ayurveda was revealed to the Seers of India.

These Seers or "Rishis" came to understand the principles by which health and well-being are both created and destroyed. Ayurveda is the science of longevity and promotes positive health, natural beauty and long life. It is the first type of medicine known to man kind. That's right, Ayurveda existed in ancient India when no other treatment systems were in existence in the world; it's over five thousand years old.

This treatment is a compilation of herbs using the basic principles of Ayurveda ("Ayur", "Kama", "Veda", "Sudha" and "Sumatra").

The herbs used in this product have been documented to have hair re-growth properties in medical journals and herb encyclopedias published around the world.

Please have a look at few of the ingredients below. I have used western medical names for each herb.

  • Hydrocotyle asiatica extract: Helps promote hair growth.
  • Eclipta Alba extract: Hair darkening herb, traditionally used to stop hair loss & stimulate hair growth. It contains astringent & stimulating components.
  • Cyprus scariosus extract: Stimulates hair growth.
  • Chefulic Myroflan extract: Stimulant & astringent Herb.
  • Urtica dioca extract: is a haemostatic, also is a excellent hair stimulant. It stimulates the circulation of the capillary vessels of the scalp and increases the supply of nutrient materials to the epidermis layer thereby improving the hair growth. This also has good anti-dandruff properties.
  • Allium cepa extract: Is a hair stimulating herb, good anti-dandruff properties.
  • Nardostachys Jatamansi extract: The rhizome is reported to promote hair growth and imparts color to hair. This herb is also an anti- itching agent.
  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis extract: Good emollient & anti itch.

Please have a look at our herb selection process.
These are workers from our farm verifying the quality of our herbs




Ayurveda is a treatment of the human body as a whole, it is aimed at not only curing diseases but also at preventing them.

Ayurvedic principles state that the human body is a structure of balance and if one element is out of balance, it can cause imbalances throughout your entire system.

It is these big and small imbalances in your body that can cause problems such as hair loss. This treatments focus on these imbalances in the body to heal the problem.

Simply put, the Ayurvedic approach to hair loss is not a temporary solution, it is a permanent solution through a holistic approach.

Below is a double blind clinical study of this hair loss treatment. This study was done by University of Punjab, India (one of India's most accredited and prestigious Universities). The findings are listed below.

Clinical Reports on Revolution Hair...

Male Patients:
The results of 8 month clinical observation on 5436 hair loss patients (mostly Male between 24 — 52) showed the hair re-growth rate was 86.8% and the total effective rate was 97.4%.

The hair re-growth occurred after 14 days use for some patients. The results showed the hair shaft thickening rate was 88.7%, the rate of controlled hair loss was 85.2%, the rate of relieving itch was 93.1% and the rate of removal of dandruff was 97.3%. Results also showed effectiveness of controlling early stage of hair loss at 92.1% and 88.5% in middle stage.

Female Patients:
The results of 8 month clinical observation on 3221 hair loss patients (mostly Female between 29 — 68) showed the hair re-growth rate was 88.7% and the total effective rate was 98.1%.

The hair re-growth happened after 12 days use for some patients. The results showed the hair shaft thickening rate was 92.7%, the rate of control hair loss was 89.2%, the rate of relieving itch was 91.1% and the rate of removal of dandruff was 96.3%.

Results also showed effectiveness in controlling early stage of hair loss at 93.1% and 86.5% in middle stage.

NOTE: In order to prevent seborrheic dermatitis which might confound the assessment of stoppage of hair loss or hair growth in these studies, all patients, whether treated with the appropriate hair formulation or placebo, were instructed to use a specified, medicated shampoo during the first month prior to studies.

Placebo control: There was double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies during the duration of the clinical tests.

The two primary endpoints were hair count and patient self-assessment; the two secondary endpoints were investigator assessment and ratings of photographs.




Yes, it is. DHT is the root cause of hair loss, but there are factors that cause DHT to increase in our blood. The factors are listed below.

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a derivative of testosterone having androgenic activity and anabolic with suppressing capabilities. First off, we are not scientists or doctors. We don't need a technical explanation; we need to know something we can comprehend, something that will help us help our selves.

DHT is the result of chemical imbalances. It is proven that when a chemical imbalance takes place, our testosterone converts into DHT; which then causes hair loss.

How do chemical imbalances occur? Well, there are several reasons for this.

Did you know that excessive stress causes hair loss? Well, neither did I. I was shocked to find out that while I am sitting around stressing out, my body is going through changes that will cause me to lose hair. Believe it or not, numerous studies have shown that the average Americans have more stress compared to the rest of the world. Stress is a leading cause of chemical imbalance, which causes hair loss.

Improper diet/ over weight:
We all know that every one out of three Americans is obese. An improper diet and lack of daily nutrition will also result in a chemical imbalance of your system. Your body needs its proper nutrition to function normally.

How many of us can raise our hand to not sleeping properly, not resting enough and over working our selves? I'm sure there's a big chunk of you reading this that have raised your hands in accordance (more like 98% of you). That's why there were over $4 billion worth of anti-depressants sold in the US in 2004 alone. Antidepressants are used to balance those who are “chemically imbalanced”.

All of the above factors cause a major chemical imbalance in the overall system of your body. When these chemical imbalances occur, they arouse the DHT levels in your body by converting your testosterone to DHT.

Once DHT occurs in your blood stream it builds up around your hair follicle forming a DHT wall around the follicle. Just like we need food and nutrition to survive, your hair follicle needs your blood to survive.

When DHT prevents the blood from reaching your hair follicle, your follicle starves and slowly begins to die. Thus, your hair shaft begins to thin and fall out. Eventually, the DHT affected follicle will stop producing new hair.

My Hair Re-growth treatment is proven to reverse this process.


Can This Treatment Work For You?

YES, this treatment can and IT WILL work for you. Make no mistake about it; this treatment is no gimmick or "magic pill”
This is a serious treatment for serious people who are suffering from hair loss.

If you want thicker richer and healthier looking hair, this treatment will help, it's what you need. But you must get serious, focused and make the commitment to stop complaining and take control over your hair loss.

This treatment works for approximately every 9 out of 10 people that use it. It works for both men and women of any race or ethnicity.

You don't have to be on it for ever. Most people are off the treatment within the first year!

Day 1: You use the serum in the morning and leave it on for about 15 mins. You then jump in the shower and shampoo your hair with the RH treatment shampoo. You will immediately notice a positive mental improved outlook - a key to Fighting Hair Loss.
Week 1: The RH Hair Loss System is working and you are already start feeling better about your Hair fall.
Week 2: You can start to see your hair loss reduce drastically right before your eyes.
Week 3: The results of the RH Hair Loss System continue to transform your Hair and Scalp. Hair Fall becomes a issue of the past. You notice none-to-little hair fall.
Week 4: You feel good knowing that your hair fall has totally stopped and soon you start seeing re-growth of little fine hair in part of your scalp that didn't have hair before.
Week5 & Beyond:

New hair starts to emerge and grow. Your confidence is unbreakable, you know nothing can stop you!
This is the RH System!


Hi Jai,

“I am Kate from NYC. I delivered a baby last year and my hair fell like crazy. I read everywhere that it was normal for my hair to fall out post delivery. But by the end of 10 months after delivery I was practically balding! This could not be normal! My OBGYN recommended that I try Revolution Hair as one of her other patients who went through the same problem was all praises for it. And VOILA! I can relate to how she felt after the first time she tried it. It felt like pure magic! I was crying in the shower, but this time they were tears of joy! I would lose at least 50 strands normally but that day, I swear I counted 3!!! And also where my floor is generally covered with hair after shower, I found none! I don't know if its true or just my mind playing games since I am so in love with this product, my hair has actually become stronger and shinier. I would really like it if you could publish my mail on your site where I can tell other new moms, don't think you can't do anything about post partum hair fall! It's NOT NORMAL! You can control it! Trust me.”

Good Luck,
Kate H.


“Dear Hair Fall Fighters, If you have landed on this site, half your battle is won. Destiny has done its work, now its your turn. I do not want to raise your expectations, but this is the most awesomest product there could be. Please do 2 things — pull out that credit card and use it regularly - and make sure you do both. And I shall wait to see your happy mails right here.”



“I am of Indian origin and a great believer of Ayurveda — the first medicine of civilization. I had cancer (1st stage) a few years ago and today thanks to Ayurveda I am completely cured. Western doctors can't believe I achieved this without chemo. I am bringing this up only to point out the power of Ayurveda. What is hair fall compared to cancer? The ingredients these guys are using, I have used for years. I am 65 and thick hair completely black. And being a patron pf Ayurveda, I can tell you for sure that the ingredients used in here are in the purest form possible to make an easy to use product. I have switched from making my own ayurvedic concoction to using Revolution Hair and I don't think I could make a better product than these guys. Job well done!”

Ramesh Iyer


“Sometimes your hair just keeps falling and falling and the reason could be as simple as dandruff. As the site informs you, dandruff is one of the major reasons for hair fall. I tried everything from cheap Head & Shoulders to heavy duty nizoral and several other expensive products. It just made it worse. They cleaned my scalp for 1 wash and 3rd day it was back again. I felt my hair was getting addicted to it and of course these products are too strong for daily use. One day I saw the RH shampoo in my shower (that belongs to my husband who is a die hard fan of RH since it saved his bald head!) and decided to try it. My scalp felt so clean and with every wash I felt my dandruff was getting cured. Then I decided to jump on to the hair serum too to re grow my lost hair. And undoubtedly that did not fail me. I have hair thicker than before and a scalp cleanest I have had in a long time!”


Are You Ready For A Hair Loss System That Really Works?

You've never seen anything like my Hair loss system before. It's totally and completely UNIQUE. Why? Because it's 100% natural and has been tried and tested. You'll get the inside secrets of a Hair Re-Growth system that has helped countless Americans to enjoy a full head!

There simply is nobody in the western world who has put together a system anything like my RH Hair Re-Growth system. Only a few come anywhere close, but they don't truly understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to get results like these...


Here's How You Can Stop Hair Loss IMMEDIATELY At My Risk and Expense!

Listen: Up until now, most Hair loss products have been, at best, disappointing, at worst, outright frauds. And even though all the facts and case studies on this page speak for themselves, the reality is if you're like most people I know you've probably been disappointed and victimized in the past. So I can understand if you're still skeptical.

That's why I want you to try it with zero risk! If you are not satisfied for any reason what-so-ever, send it back and I'll refund 100% of the product cost! Send back empty bottles; I don't care, I'll still refund your money!

In my opinion, you can't possibly understand just what it's like to...

  • Look in that dressing room mirror and not recognize the person staring back at you.
  • Go to a party confident, secure and outgoing knowing your new re-grown hair looks great.

... until you've undergone the RH Hair loss System at its core. And I don't think you should decide anything until you first see it for yourself, what a difference this amazing product can make to your life. So, I want you to let me take the risk for a change.

That's right!


However, There is Just One Little Catch!

As you've seen from the real-life examples and documented research on this page, many people believe RH System is the most powerful Hair Re-Growth formula in the entire world. It is effective. My family uses it. My friends use it.

However, I am not making this offer available to everyone. Why? Because this is the time of year when stock is running low, and I want to make sure that only those who will reap the greatest benefit from our treatment receive the remaining stock.

5 Reasons to Trust Revolution Hair
1.RH formulation is based on secrets of Ayurveda that has proven its salt over 5,000 years.
2. Try Our Most Powerful Hair Loss Treatment with our Iron Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
3.We are extremely confident that if you used regularly as directed, you will fight hair loss successfully, which is why every pack comes with our 30 days iron clad money back guarantee.
4.RH system contains is purely herbal and holistic, free from all harsh chemicals and controls hair loss permanently.
5.You can win $1,000 by sharing your success story with other.
My Personal Goals for You:
Works on 9 out of 10 people
Natural, Holistic Treatment
Works on Men & Women of all Ages, Race and Ethnicity
Easy and convenient application

Revolution Hair Inc. Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.

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